I’ve been involved in local, neighborhood politics for about ten years, serving on multiple neighborhood committees.  It has given me a feeling for how my neighbors are doing and for the current budget problems the City of San Jose is facing.

For example, we worked for about six years to get upgrading a neighborhood street on the table and get the funding for the work to be done, only to have the project canceled do to the current financial crisis.  I’ve also seen some good, hard working City employees laid off, again because of the current financial crisis.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the following table, everyone’s solution is to raise more taxes.  That is not really acceptable, because none of the citizens in the street can afford to pay more taxes.  Many are out of work or working part time. There are also a lot of empty, foreclosed houses around these days.

Let’s not push more people over the edge with quick fix taxes.  Let’s look for more issues, such as those represented by measures W & V, to fix the fundamental problems with our current spending.

Inactive Community Memberships

Organization NameStatusRepresenting
Envision SV TransitMemberCommUniverCity
Project Completed
Five Wounds / Brookwood Terrace NAC Co-Chair

Little Portugal North Neighborhood
Meetings Suspended
Little Portugal North NeighborhoodMemberSelf
Not currently meeting
Catholic Charismatic CenterDirector
1993 – 1999
Charismatic Renewal in Diocese of San Jose

I hope you find this helpful.


Nov. 2010 – Santa Clara County Ballot Measure — No Comments

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