The one thing that amazed me is how many of these are actually constitutional amendments.  Is the California State Constitution something that we should be casually “tweaking” every election?  I’m glad changes require a two-thirds vote.

Active Community Memberships

Organization Name StatusRepresenting
BART Alum Rock Transit Village AdvocatesMember 2015-Self
Citizens’ Oversight Committee for Measure A (2008) Member - District 02
Appointed 08/11/2015
Reappointed 06/07/2016
Elected Chair - 2017
County Supervisor Chavez
Committee for Transportation Mobility & AccessibilityMember 2018-SJC Seniors Commission
Coyote Meadows CoalitionMember 2016-Self
District 3
Community Leadership Council
MemberLittle Portugal North Neighborhood
SJC Senior Citizens CommissionMember - District 3
Appointed 06/2017
City Councilmember Raul Peralez
SVLG - Neighborhood Leaders CouncilMember 2016-Self
VTA BART Community Working Group
28th Street BART Station
Member 2015-Five Wounds / Brookwood Terrace NAC


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